Het Instituut voor Betaalbare Waanzin, G-FORCE(Eindhoven)

Jan Dietvorst

Boris & Conny, levensbeschouwelijke lifestyle(NL)

Max Kisman

Rotterdamse Courant over Film Festival Poster (NL)
NRC over Doors of Perception 3 (NL)
Intro for Fuse'95 (D/Eng)
MK Electronic Catalogue (NL/Eng)
Not updated for a while! (MK)

Peter Mertens

eerste elektrische album uitgeverij amsterdam (NL)
Peter Mertens Initiatieven (NL), Netwerken

Typography & Design

I have a web site that you might find interesting. It is visually oriented (not much text). It's a design journal I call "justaposition" (yes, not juxtaposition). There is a photo essay called "street flowers" which documents kids living on the streets of Haight/Ashbury today in the 90's..a section called "face 2 face, a voyeur's view" and the "flea market archaeologist" a collection of photographs found at the flea market. This is the first installation of the journal with additions and updates added regularily. (Joseph Abbati)
A bit heavy on the pictures, Joseph! (MK)
Essential information about Microsoft TrueType
A little site for a big company, Bill! Not very suitable for designers using Macs, I guess. But nice and clear site (MK)
Thirstype loves you From the white tigers of Typography. Thirstype, Rick Valicenti and Insomnia. Thirstype is not a type foundry. It is a collection of individual artists, most of whom are typographers. (MK)
Graphion's Online Type Museum (USA)
It's about the old guys. And for you all students: a glossery of typographic terms. Then you know what you're talking about! But do we really need it? I mean to know what we're talking about. (MK)
Emigre (USA)
Brothers in Arms and still going strong (MK)
Netherlands Design Institute (NL/Eng)
Are you san serif?
Site of Typographic magazine 'Serif'. For an aesthetic subject like typography and design 'Serif' doesn't even try to be attractive! (MK)
Yahoo: Graphic design/magazines (Eng)


Kaap, artist
Kristian Esser, illustrator
Anemaet en Soppela, artists
Sander Kessels
Innovatieve site met leuke Netscape en Java toepassingen. (MK)

Art and Exhibitions

Desk.nl (NL/Eng), met Netband en TV3000
Gerrit Rietveld MediaLAB
1000 Max, magazine
ZappTV op het Net
Wie is Wie in de Netkunst
Little French City
, the new exhibition of Bibliotheque Bajazzo Amsterdam. Select the button "LAST" on top of the menu.
7th Museum
The 7th museum 'real thing' was an system specific art project in the center of The Hague, the always relaxed governmental capital of The Netherlands.

Graphic Design Technical

Auto F/X (USA)
For Auto F/X Corp's newest special effects tool for adding true grit and attitude to design work.
Typo/Graphic Edges lets designers apply any look -- weathered, distressed, roughened, edged, eroded, rubbed-with-sandpaper, gritty, chiseled, wispy, to name a few -- to any existing Mac typeface or bitmap graphic.
Macintosh Graphics Resources (Eng)
A useful list of links if you are looking for specific graphics information for Apple Macintosh (MK)
Letraset's Ripper(Eng)

Facility to create text in gif format using Letraset's Ripper and FonTek fonts. Typefaces in alphabetical order. experimental set up (BT)
Font Jumping (de metalijst voor fonts en andere resources)


Yahoo (Eng)