Joachim Müller-Lance : the Accident Grotesque ______________________________________________________

Joachim Müller-Lance from San Fransisco sends us his happy holiday wishes on a floppy disk with his new typeface: the Accident Grotesque. He writes:

Dear Friends,

In fond memory of ATYPI'95 in wonderful Barcelona, and as a holiday gift to all of you, I am happy to send you my new font, Accident Grotesque - designed to help me cope with the injury that kept me on crutches for a large part of our conference.

Accident Grotesque's name pays due respect to the finest of sans serif history, while it reflects the irony of hurting myself on the second day of my vacation, right before ATYPI'95. It is dedicated to all of you who took sympathy and interest in my convalescence. Thank You!

During your holidays, don't let what happened to me happen to you. The streets are snowy and frozen; don't fall! After the new year's party, don't drive! Better stay at home with your loved ones to enjoy this new font and what it can tell you.

Happy Holidays, Joachim Müller-Lance

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