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Subject: Seymour Chwast on CD-ROM
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Your site is beautiful!
Please consider this information for posting New York City: 
Renowned illustrator Seymour Chwast, one of the founders 
of the legendary Push Pin Studios and a leading influence 
in the world of illustration and design for over forty years, 
has released a five volume CD collection of his original 
illustrations for royalty - free usage by graphic designers. 
The Chwast collection was produced by Flat File Editions.
This collection represents a breakthrough in royalty - free 
images for art directors and graphic designers.
Flat File Editions was founded by Chwast and Ron Meckler, 
designer and president of Re:Design, a New York design 
studio, for the purpose of producing "signature art" 
CD-ROMs -- collections of work by well known 
contemporary artists. The Chwast set is the first product 
offered by the company. Over 500 originals from his body 
of work have been gathered, edited and catalogued. The 
work is divided into five thematic volumes with over 
100 illustrations in each: People; Business, Politics & 
Education; Animals; Food, Home & Leisure; Places & Things. 
Individual volumes cost $179.99, and all five can be 
purchased for $729.95. All images are royalty - free 
except when used as part of corporate or brand identities, 
logos, trademarks, or symbols, or on items for resale, such 
as greeting cards or clothing. The CD is available at this 
time for the Macintosh only. The files can easily be imported 
into most page-layout and image editing applications. 
The design of the CD allows for fast visual browsing of 
the content, drag and drop, find and sort features, and key 
word searches.
For more information about Chwast on CD-ROM please contact 
Jackie Shapiro at 212.475.3711 (Fax 212.475.4429) 
flatfile@interport.net The Cds can be ordered by calling