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Complete collection of 21 editions of TYP

graphic – Quantity: 21 –

Object:Portfolio (More lots)
Number of Books:21
Book Title:TYP; Complete collection of 21 editions
Publication year oldest item:1986
Publication year youngest item:2001
Edition:1st Edition
Original language:Yes
Publisher:Stichting TYP, Genotoschap Kunst & Macht

Complete collection of 21 editions of TYP (circulation between 50 and 500 copies). From the publisher’s private collection. 
Including unique screen prints by Wim Crouwel and Gerard Unger and more details. Also with the exclusive TYP Dagblad. 

Max Kisman, Jan Dietvorst, Peter Mertens, Kees Maas, Wim Crouwel, Gerard Unger and many others. 

Offset, stencil, silkscreen, CD-ROMS and video. 

Search for background and history or google article Kisman and Mertens: 


Untitled Document

P!t!r M!rt!ns: Right!
 <<< kaxmisman is now known as maxk >>>
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: Hi!
  maxk: hi
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: ho!
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: waar blijft bilak?
  maxk: komt
  maxk: well
  peterb: am i right here?
  maxk: hoe was de maaltoijd?
  maxk: ah there he is
  maxk: miss bilak
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: English! (english meal!)
  peterb: ike begrijpt niet
  maxk: ok ok ok
  maxk: who asking the questions
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: bilka!
  peterb: i am ...
  peterb: do you have some time now?
  <<< P!t!r M!rt!ns is now known as Answering Machine >>>
   maxk: I am here for you
   <<< peterb is now known as the investigator >>>
    <<< maxk is now known as vaguely >>>
     the investiga: ok, when did you start the TYP?
     vaguely: well shal i?
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