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By | December 14, 2017
P!t!r M!rt!ns: Right!
 <<< kaxmisman is now known as maxk >>>
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: Hi!
  maxk: hi
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: ho!
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: waar blijft bilak?
  maxk: komt
  maxk: well
  peterb: am i right here?
  maxk: hoe was de maaltoijd?
  maxk: ah there he is
  maxk: miss bilak
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: English! (english meal!)
  peterb: ike begrijpt niet
  maxk: ok ok ok
  maxk: who asking the questions
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: bilka!
  peterb: i am ...
  peterb: do you have some time now?
  <<< P!t!r M!rt!ns is now known as Answering Machine >>>
   maxk: I am here for you
   <<< peterb is now known as the investigator >>>
    <<< maxk is now known as vaguely >>>
     the investiga: ok, when did you start the TYP?
     vaguely: well shal i?
     Answering Mac: 1986
     the investiga: was the idea to make it a type magazine?
     vaguely: Peter and Jan D. had their birthday party...
     the investiga: tell me more about it..
     Answering Mac: The Society of Art & Power
     vaguely: and they asked everyone to contribute a nn-material contribution to
     the investiga: maxk and peterm were the founders?
     vaguely: so I played around with cutting and pasting and collage those days
     Answering Mac: Max initiated!
     vaguely: and produced a photocopied pamflet iece of paper
     the investiga: max, why did you feel like making a magazine?
     vaguely: TYP/Typografisch papier
     vaguely: Well...
     vaguely: There was niot much happening in Typoland in 86
     vaguely: All the older guys weren't interested in the new
     vaguely: and we (peter, me and others) were very much interested in the new
     vaguely: not so much and only computers
     Answering Mac: It was a graveyard, protected by old man.
     vaguely: but also the ideas behind it, the images, the words
     vaguely: men...
     the investiga: did you think it will last that long?
     vaguely: That party was really inspiring
     Answering Mac: Mainly it had the force of the urge!
     vaguely: And Peter, JAn and Henk (...) immidialty wanted to comntinue TYP
     Answering Mac: Henk loved paper!
     vaguely: That's the birth (read in TYP 10 years (typ www)
     the investiga: how many issues did you make, both on paper and Web?
     vaguely: Peter?
     Answering Mac: 31!
     vaguely: wow
     the investiga: really?!
     Answering Mac: see typ txt only last page
     the investiga: i will
     vaguely: TYP moved typographic borders
     vaguely: when everybody thought they were stuck
     Answering Mac: hm
     the investiga: it has always been in Dutch right?
     Answering Mac: no!
     Answering Mac: see fax typ. Spanish! English!
     vaguely: TYP reached a small but dedicated audience
     the investiga: did you want to move the borders further?
     Answering Mac: European lingo!
     vaguely: Decicion makers...
     the investiga: Opinion makers
     the investiga: the last issue on paper was quite criptical...
     vaguely: so it moved designers and gave them some understanding of different
     things going on
     the investiga: how that happened?
     Answering Mac: TXT only!
     Answering Mac: no, you can start reading whereever you want
     the investiga: no images anymore?
     Answering Mac: images everywhere! The Web! Hotline Color, Moving!
     Answering Mac: Soounds!
     vaguely: TYP has been in a crisis at a certain stage
     vaguely: But that was just before the box
     the investiga: why TXT only then?
     Answering Mac: the images are elsewehre
     Answering Mac: We are mindpublishers
     the investiga: on the WEB?
     Answering Mac: yep,
     Answering Mac: on the ROM
     Answering Mac: on our own browser
     the investiga: will you continue the magazine on all three medias? (paper,
     CD, WWW)?
     Answering Mac: See the new MP3player
     Answering Mac: Yep!
     the investiga: how was the analogue comeback?
     Answering Mac: We will have an exhibition in Hoorn. Opens 22 sunday!
     the investiga: Where is Hoorn?
     Answering Mac: The north!
     Answering Mac: Noors Holland
     the investiga: Send me the invite please...
     Answering Mac: Noord
     Answering Mac: Yes!
     the investiga: thanks
     Answering Mac: I'll look it up.
     the investiga: SO why did you interupt the paper version?
     Answering Mac: Sunday 22 nov, 16:00
     vaguely: I think TYP has become sort of an open, anarchistic space...
     Answering Mac: Korte Achterstraat 2a Hoorn
     vaguely: Also to produce products you have to be well motivated and
     together. To coordinate is hard too
     Answering Mac: Its related to the Sandberg Institute (show of several other
     independant artist pubictiojns of Tineke Reijnders)
     Answering Mac: (sorry)
     Answering Mac: Anarchie!
     vaguely: Chaos
     the investiga: did internet change much for you? you believe more in paper
     then before?
     Answering Mac: No! We believe in the mind
     vaguely: We believe in communication
     Answering Mac: The Human mind is a thing of beaty
     Answering Mac: beauty
     vaguely: We believe in beauty
     the investiga: ok, so it might change its form again and again...
     Answering Mac: progressive communicatin
     the investiga: what is beautiful?
     vaguely: beautiful images, beautiful words
     vaguely: I think good communication is entertainment
     vaguely: Not neccesarily dumb and stupid
     the investiga: is world around you beautiful? does it inspire you much to
     create beautiful things? or it the other way round?
     vaguely: There is a fine balance between entertainment and easthetics
     Answering Mac: Yep!
     vaguely: The world has several layers
     Answering Mac: Hear hear!
     vaguely: some of it is beautiful some is ugly
     vaguely: the contrast is important
     vaguely: yes, the world around is beautiful
     vaguely: but the sam time there is a lot of uglymness
     vaguely: homeless on the street, murder and disasters
     Answering Mac: We are Hippies! Zippies! Communists! Anarchist! We have
     Answering Mac: The AEX is at 1060!
     vaguely: sunset, flowers, birds and squirrels
     the investiga: did you ever have urge to create ugly things in the
     overdesigned Netherlands?
     Answering Mac: Yes! YEs! I am very good at that!
     vaguely: I just have chicken stock
     vaguely: Not so much ugly as well as different
     vaguely: to show that there is always a different way of sayiong your words
     vaguely: saying
     vaguely: It is not that difficult to be different
     Answering Mac: [what are you eating/drinking yet??]
     vaguely: but to be good in it is so hard
     vaguely: who?
     Answering Mac: you and you
     the investiga: i am just listening...
     vaguely: well yes it's about lunch time now
     the investiga: i am after dinner
     vaguely: but I thought we do this first
     Answering Mac: right!
     vaguely: ok ok
     vaguely: are we doing well? Investigator?
     the investiga: shall we continue?
     vaguely: yep
     Answering Mac: jo!
     vaguely: ask
     vaguely: ok ok
     the investiga: how was TYP evolving with all this technology changes, did
     you try to reflect the changes?
     vaguely: No
     vaguely: well Idon't
     the investiga: or is it or about very personal questions that you ask?
     Answering Mac: Eh, to be honest, we think we created some oft he changes
     vaguely: I think it is about showing what personnaly intrests us
     vaguely: and that comes somehow a bit in TYP
     Answering Mac: to amuse with what amuses us
     vaguely: because it's our platform to perform
     vaguely: a small place we created to plotter around
     Answering Mac: (plotter?)
     vaguely: nothing more or less
     vaguely: (play)
     the investiga: so it TYP the same as in 1986? 12 years later?
     Answering Mac: maybe
     vaguely: And that others pick it up is good
     vaguely: No
     the investiga: so?
     vaguely: everything changes
     Answering Mac: we don't know
     Answering Mac: We have a new logo!
     the investiga: are you aware of these changes?
     vaguely: no
     Answering Mac: well...
     vaguely: chaos
     the investiga: i don't mean the logo changes..
     the investiga: anarchy and stuff
     vaguely: we are vaguely organized
     Answering Mac: We are a Stichting!
     the investiga: you are?
     Answering Mac: Yep!
     Answering Mac: otherwhise we couldnt be typ.nl
     vaguely: Why is typography important to you Peter B?
     <<< Answering Machine is now known as Investigator 2! >>>
      the investiga: i am very suspiciaois of typography...
      vaguely: why?
      <<< Investigator 2! is now known as PM >>>
       the investiga: but rather that say "fuck it"...
       the investiga: i i try to do something...
       vaguely: hmm
       vaguely: do you think communication depends on typography?
       PM: but you have done some good (fun) type!
       <<< vaguely is now known as MK >>>
        the investiga: i became inable not to read and create typography in my
        the investiga: i understand typography in a very braod context...
        PM: (i just read you books!)
        MK: Im on thephone
        the investiga: you read images, city, faces..
        PM: thats true
        the investiga: that what's interstes me at the moment
        MK: sorry just a minute
        the investiga: that's why i find new interest in typography again
        PM: Sometimes on the other hand it just doesnt seem to matter
        the investiga: what matters at the end?
        PM: Type was intruced as wild at the THYPE and the someone comes telling
        about serifs again...
        <<< the investigator is now known as pb >>>
         PM: and tells about how long you have to work for one good typeface
         PM: that is nonsense
         pb: well, there are different people, maybe it's good too
         PM: Right@
         PM: !
         pb: we need those people too!
         PM: I like it when something comes and goes ot the rigth moment
         PM: like popsongs
         pb: back to our magazine talk...
         MK: There's the entertainment
         PM: you wont to hear them on a certian week, and don't ever after
         PM: yep
         MK: Magzines are albums
         PM: YEA
         PM: yeah!
         MK: they should be
         MK: that's TYP
         pb: ..do you still have the same motivation to do magazines?
         PM: yes
         MK: not all albums should be the same
         PM: but to do them HYBRID
         MK: I really would like to move away from the 'designer' aspect of magazines
         PM: Yeah!
         MK: And see them as individual projects
         PM: (all right come to Hoorn!)
         PM: There the Koekrant is!
         MK: So wheter I make a video or magazine, it;'s a similar approach
         PM: So it is!
         MK: whether
         pb: so what are you MK? an editor?
         MK: i dunno
         PM: he is
         pb: thet's being a designer too?
         MK: I gues I am an illustrator
         pb: 3.0
         PM: he is too
         PM: 8.0
         pb: you are not!
         MK: ha ha
         MK: an author
         MK: is better
         PM: a human being
         pb: illustratotr is the worst thing
         MK: image author
         pb: that's better?
         MK: I don't agree
         MK: I mean I always was asked to make a drawing
         MK: In class at primary school
         pb: do you want to illustrate words?
         MK: In class at High school
         MK: and later proffesionaal
         PM: f ss
         MK: designers tend to be so full of them selves
         MK: I just want to make images
         MK: and let people enjoy them
         MK: or not
         pb: ..nice...
         MK: nice is the wrong word
         pb: ??
         MK: when something is moving it is beyond just nice
         pb: where is TYP moving?
         MK: let me see
         MK: PM?
         PM: we like tv.typ.nl
         pb: can you control it?
         pb: the movement..
         PM: technically, yes
         pb: ..can you?
         PM: content?
         pb: if everythng changing..
         PM: DVD!
         PM: Realvideo!
         PM: MPEG2
         pb: more then that
         PM: but again, I like TV and also on the WEB
         PM: And is a nice blend of it all
         pb: do you find imoprtant to kep up with all this?
         PM: i was waiting (see TV-TV)
         MK: I don't think control is the issue
         pb: design is about certain control
         PM: hm
         MK: how to articulate is very important. in what ever you create
         MK: if you can't make yourself clear there is no use I guess
         PM: Television and non-linear media are the way young people see things
         MK: That doesn't mean they are clear
         MK: and come accross with messages
         PM: No but knowledge works that way
         pb: were you always clear about what were you doing?
         MK: thechknoledge
         PM: no
         MK: yes
         PM: first do
         MK: oops
         PM: than think
         MK: think two
         PM: 1. do
         PM: 2. think
         MK: but peter m yo are a thinker,,
         PM: (thinking)
         pb: (thinking)
         MK: I uploaded some still into TVTYP/maxk
         MK: stills
         PM: Jo!
         PM: do!
         MK: of the show
         pb: which one?
         MK: I have no idea what I wanted to do with TYP
         PM: Its a race!
         pb: do you know now?
         MK: I think I first want to figure out communication values in moving media
         PM: Thank you.
         MK: create a couple of projects and then complie them into a scheme or so
         MK: I am now very much intregued with this character I made
         MK: which is playing a major role in some projects
         PM: (nice Pic!)
         MK: whether he (and she) wants it or not
         MK: so for the VPRO I am working on a screensaver with the same starting
         MK: but dunno what it will be yet
         PM: livesaver
         MK: yeh
         MK: heard about it?
         PM: seen some
         pb: do you think about the TYP's readers?
         MK: and?
         MK: sorry PB
         PM: seen some good ones Dick Tuinders!
         MK: I think TYP is a something to have
         pb: (soory i am kind of delayed)
         MK: and not a big audience
         MK: I think we offer contributions of some intersting artists
         PM: eh, we still think we are popular with designers, and we are not
         pb: do you know who is reading TYP? except you and me?
         MK: and the audience likes to know about them
         PM: I've sold another 250
         MK: we get emails from all over
         PM: Yes, and have about 1200 people a month
         PM: and thousands downloading at holtine!
         PM: Holine
         pb: is it important for you?
         PM: hotline!
         PM: no
         MK: We have the connection (had surely) between the older, current and new
         PM: we have
         MK: we know where we come from and we know where we go to
         PM: visitor gone
         pb: good..
         MK: who?
         MK: Hey PB how do you record this?
         PM: [eh boys, have to finish some article for Publish...] will hang around!
         PM: Cut copy paste!
         pb: right!
         MK: OK PB we'll go on?
         pb: 10 more minuets ok?
         MK: ok
         pb: do you run parallel activities besides TYP?
         PM: yes
         PM: album
         MK: I would like to. but no. not as TYP
         PM: Wild Way!
         PM: see http://www.xs4all.nl/~fpcm
         PM: µ
         pb: can't you do those things in TYP?
         MK: I am quuite isolated here. And I haven't found a similar environment as
         TYP and consorts
         PM: i can, but other boys cluns
         PM: cluns
         PM: clubs
         PM: oops
         PM: PARK
         PM: www.park.nl
         PM: double pb?
         MK: www.xs4all.nl/~maxk
         pb: (oops, i am back)
         MK: www.sirius.com/~maxk (mirror)
         PM: got it alle copied:
         PM: copied?
         pb: yes..
         <<< MK is now known as PM >>>
          PM: huh
          PM: Ha!
          <<< pb is now known as MK >>>
           MK: anarchy
           PM: well no
           PM: long live the queen
           PM: jes
           PM: I am falling off my chair
           PM: ouch
           PM: hey MK
           <<< PM is now known as Kickbot >>>
            PM: ask mre
            MK: which one?
            Kickbot: kick
            PM: TYPE is end?
            PM: sorry lets get serious
            MK: i declare this conversation as finished ...
            <<< PM is now known as mk >>>
             <<< MK is now known as PB >>>
              wow: hi all!
              mk: did we do wrong?
              Kickbot: Hi!
              PB: or not?
              wow: is there smth from '80s here?
              Kickbot: wow is a third!
              PB: yes..
              mk: ok thanks pb send me mail
              Kickbot: bye!
              Kickbot: wow!
              PB: thansk for your time
              PB: i'll get back to you..
              mk: yes please do
              Kickbot: please do
              mk: this was quite hard
              wow: huh?
              PB: bye
              <<< Kickbot is now known as pm >>>
               pm: bye<BR>