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d.ookoi writes b.ookoi (i)

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may 31, 2021

b.ookoi is the labyrinthian and encyclopaedic printed-on-paper book_work_2_b that the ookoi currently are composing, writing, editing, covering all of their acts, works and proceedings from the very early 1980’s onwards, in 1024 numbered paragraphs that, however, will not be listed in the approximate chronological order corresponding to their enumeration upwards from 1, but distributed over 1024 pages divided into 4 volumes of 256 pages each, according to one, contingent, listing of the first 210 natural numbers. Not a logically or otherwise necessary order, just one of the 1024! possibilities accidentally happening.

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Zo goed als ALLES VAN TYP 1986-2016

mail p<a>

Geschiedenis van de edities. Stichting TYP, Genootschap Kunst&Macht

  1. TYP, Typografisch Papier Nummer 1, 31 Augustus 1988, 21×29,7cm, oplage 70 Exemplaren.
  2. TYE, Typografisch Papier A, 1986, 21×29,7 cm, oplage 450 exemplaren.
  3. TYP, Typografisch Papier B, 1997, 21×29,7 cm, 500 exemplaren.
  4. TYP. Typografisch Papier C, 1987. 21×29,7×9,0 cm, oplage 500 exemplaren.
    E. TYP, Typografisch Papier Zomer, 1987, 14,5×21 cm, oplage 100 exemplaren.
  5. TYP, Typografisch Papier Winter 1987, 14,5×21 cn, oplage 100 exemplaren.
  6. TYP, Typografisch Papier D, ZakTyp, 1988, 22×29, 5xů,ê cm, oplage 500 exemplaren.
  7. TYP. Typografisch Papier E, 19s9, 19x29x4,5 cm, oplage 500 exemplaren.
  8. TYP Typografisch Papier Fax Of Life, 1989. 14,7x21x0,8 cm, oplage 500 exemplaren.
  9. TYP. Typografisch Pa pier Koninginnedag issue 1990, 33×33 cm 100 exemplaren
  10. TYP, Tape, 1991, 20×12*3 cm, oplage verzonden via P.A.R.K
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Untitled Document

P!t!r M!rt!ns: Right!
 <<< kaxmisman is now known as maxk >>>
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: Hi!
  maxk: hi
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: ho!
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: waar blijft bilak?
  maxk: komt
  maxk: well
  peterb: am i right here?
  maxk: hoe was de maaltoijd?
  maxk: ah there he is
  maxk: miss bilak
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: English! (english meal!)
  peterb: ike begrijpt niet
  maxk: ok ok ok
  maxk: who asking the questions
  P!t!r M!rt!ns: bilka!
  peterb: i am ...
  peterb: do you have some time now?
  <<< P!t!r M!rt!ns is now known as Answering Machine >>>
   maxk: I am here for you
   <<< peterb is now known as the investigator >>>
    <<< maxk is now known as vaguely >>>
     the investiga: ok, when did you start the TYP?
     vaguely: well shal i?
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