In the late fall of this year a selection of his sex and erotic drawings will be published in ‘Sex Only, Max Kisman – diary drawings 1987-2017’ by @SubQpublishers from Amsterdam, Netherlands, a new publisher of graphic novels and other visual stories.
Max Kisman’s (NL, 1953) early adaption of computers in the early 1980’s signified his design practice for decades for magazines, books, identities, illustration, television, web and typedesign. Yet the core of his expression has been founded in his love for drawing. Transferring the physical sense or feel of a curve as a quality in his (digital) drawings became a signature style. Meanwhile Kisman has kept a visual diary of his whereabouts, relationships, travels and activities for 30 years.

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Jan van de Grond Grondleggers livestream FaceBook 24 juni 2017 from TT Y PP on Vimeo.


Na een enkel berichtje te hebben uitgewisseld ontmoeten 40 jaar later @EvertRutgers en @PeterMertens – grondleggers van de Jan van de Grondgroep (1978-1981) – elkaar op het spui, zaterdagmiddag 24 juni 5 minuten later zijn ze live op Facebook te zien terwijl ze flarden van ‘Jukebox’, ‘Ondertussen Ondersteboven’, ‘Eenzaamheid’, ‘Duivel’ en ‘Stad met een Neon Hart’ spelen in de studio van de RvdPlXp.

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